Sunday, February 7, 2010

Tenement Yard!!!


 Hello People out there in the internet world!! Finally I'm at the Beach but damn its the most expensive island in Thailand "Koh Samui" the prices of everything here is Bombaklat!! Its cool though because gonna be here for my good friend's Wedding which quite excites me, But this morning one of our friends was drunk and woke me up just to pass a joint which is quite annoying but its cool though its good to be around good friends. 

But still this Island is Babylon!! So I just need to put on Jacob Miller's songs and one of my favorite album is Tenement yard which is I'm sharing to you all.... Will give you some history of Jacob Miller later when I get back to BKK... 

Click Click Click Here!!! Tenement Yard

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  1. hello!! how have u been kuya?? Just came from Phil Jazzfest. have u heard of Bembol Rockers??