Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dread Foxx

I got hooked up with Dread Foxx by a friend listen to his stuff and its really dope!!! Mr. Foxx is based in Port Arthur, Texas a DJ and Producer that has 11 years experience in his hand. Dread Foxx is a big remixer and them tunes are dope you gotta have em. On his sound cloud account he has some bootleg remixes that all you freebies out there can download for free. But personally I love this track he made with a classic sample DnB and Rap "Dready or Not" rework. So those who want to check out his stuff visit his Sound Cloud click on this link Dread Foxx. happy listening and have good day people.... 

  Dread Foxx & BMC - Dready or Not rework by DreadFoxx

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