Sunday, July 4, 2010

Frosty's "Fly Thai High" Mix

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1. Seree Srisurat – paying respect to mother
2. Kom Muang Nakorn – 18 year old ladies
3. Rom Sritammarat -  tomorrow we’ll meet at the crossroads
4. Ang Kanang – peasant lady
5. Daw Bandorn – the water buffalo leaves the farm
6. Onuma Singsiri – broken-hearted lady singer
7. Chaba Prai – do you have a boyfriend yet?
8. Daw Bandorn – i left my girlfriend to become a dj
9. Prun Promdan – snowy lady
10. Suang Santee – the powerful man
11. Onuma Singsiri – papaya salad merchant
12. Super Star – chili & salt
13. Supaluck Sirihong – i’m angry at you
14. Don Sornrabeab & Chuntana Kitiyapan – angry crocodile people
15. Super Star – i’m so tired
16. Surachai Sombatcharurn – before you loved me but now who do you love?
17. Ang Kanang – the village drum
18. Daw Bandorn – don’t be a flirt
19. Beauty Contest – windmill lover
20. Ray Rai Na Korat – show some thigh
21. Sayan Sanya – driving to find my lover
22. Wai Phot Petsuwan – rowing my boat to find a lover
23. Prun Promdan – In’s rocket
24. Metro Angel – Thai Classical

Here is something different from other stuff I post. Dublab and Vtech phones collaborated to do this mix tape project  called "Field Report" their mission is to take listeners to a musical journey to Japan and Southeast Asia. The First volume of the series, Dublab sends their own Frosty to Bangkok to go record (Vinyl) digging and make a Field report on the Thai Culture of course this would had not been possible with out getting some local that knows where the spots are to bring them around and we're proud to say that certain local is one of our friends Maft Sai of  ZudRangMa Records which is currently on tour in Japan spreading the Raw and rare Thai Luk Thung music to the deepest Molam in Japan. 

I wonder now who would DUBLAB send and where? I wonder if its the Philippines, Indonesia or May be Laos? But I have this gutty feeling its gonna be Japan next. Oh Well I wish it would be the Philippines because Manila has a big music scene since the 1960's and alot of  records still around although its quite hard to find the shops and as I said before they'll need someone that has the local knowledge and the know where to get the WAX (Vinyl) and we ( Rub-A-Dub) know that there are 3 perfect local guys to be guides for that DJ Minister Zero, DJ Red-I and The Beat Traveler DJ Arbie Won... Check out the trailer of Vinyl Archeology documentary with Dj Arbie Won, Dj Shortkut & Decypher  which will be out soon...

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