Monday, July 12, 2010

Home Bass Show for July!! DUBWAY!! DJ Dragon

Here a taster of whats up with the DUBWAY in Thailand....

 Homebass show July 2010 by hbcbkk

The dubstep scene in Bangkok is growing thanks to DJ Dragon for making it happen. He started DUBWAY 2 years ago "2008" not much peeps was into Dubstep at that time in Bangkok. But hard work and support by friends of Dragon, Dubway is growing strong better than ever bringing names like 2000f , Goth Trad, JOAAN of 7even recordings and etc.. As I see now DUBWAY is now more of a movement more and more people are joining the ranks and giving support like thai artist THUN PUCHPEN, thai Graffiti artist PAKORN, DJ Orawan . Ooppss!! forgot to mention DUBWAY will be doing a workshop @ VIC Hua Hin  and the after party is @ Chubcheeva Hua Hin Pls. check for more info on DUBWAY... on 31st of July starts at 10:30 am till 6 pm and after party at

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