Sunday, January 3, 2010

Everybody seems to go to Paris! Hmmm!!!

Alot of people I know and met seems to be going to Paris, France. I gotta say its one of the most beautiful cities I've been to and The City is just one huge Museum so many things to see Art, Fashion, Culture and Music. Just walking around the city is amazing, I even had the opportunity to Party at the Louvre which my Parisian friends told me its rare to have parties there, and I must say the best was crawling under the city's Catacombs going to a party where there were so much good live music I even still wonder how did they bring their musical instruments there.

Party at The Louvre



The Catacombs Party Paris Underground Party


Anyway I just wanna share some experiences I had there. But my main purpose is to share the vinyl shops I've been and some info for those who are going to Paris that wants to shop or digging records.


One of the places I always go to hang out when I'm not doing anything in Paris was going to Patate Records shop. They Got alot of good selection there from Ska, Rocksteady to Modern Reggae you can buy online too from their website but for me personally I prefer to buy records from the shop, plus you get to know the people in the shop and can help you more with things you want and share more knowledge or gain knowledge. The shop is not far from Bastille a few minutes walk and you can check their address on their website....


Other shop I go to is called the Groove Store I met the owner in some art show around Paris. The shop is close to Place de Clichy metro station, they got some rare tunes like Blues, Funk, 70s R&B, Disco, Rock and Rare HipHop Stuff but they don't have much reggae but sometime you would get lucky and bump into some if you dig hard. Me I got some rare tunes over there and bought almost all the chess and checkers record labels. here is their website 



 But the best place that you can find alot of vinyls is at the weekend Market at Clignancourt easiest way to get there is by Metro subway line 4 the last station "Porte de Clignancourt". When you get there you need to walk for abit but you won't miss the market for sure. There are so many things to buy there aside from records. And If you're around there Check out Le Petit Jamaique they got cool rasta stuff there and some reggae records abit pricey but their good and the shop Owner will give you a good deal with things you buy.When you're done make sure to drop by at Le Red, Gold et Green Ital food the have the nicest ital food and you won't miss it, The place is in Clignancourt at Rue Paul Bert.


Here is another link where you can find other record shops in Paris its called the Vinyl Tourist here is the link

If you guys ever need some more infos pls. don't hesitate to contact us

Good day to you all and hope all of you have a good positive vibes this 2010....


  1. great experience indeed. I admire people who tour around famous tourist spots and feature "unscenes nd unseen" places, the not-ur-usual spots. hope i could the the luxury to tour and eat around the globe.....