Friday, January 15, 2010

Slim and Unique!!!

 Haven't been updating my blog for a couple of days now had some people here to entertain from Philippines. I'm sitting at Siam Sqaure in Bangkok while this girl beside me is checking and looking at my monitor screen what I'm writing on my blog LOL!! Anyway here are The Uniques one of my favorite rocksteady groups, here is a small history

Founded by Slim Smith, Roy Shriley and Franklin White, The vocal trio releasing a few singles in 1966. The group then disbanded, until late 1967 when Smith formed a new version of the group with Jimmy Riley and Lloyd Charmers. The new line-up debuted with "Watch This Sound", a cover version of Stephen Stills' "For What It's Worth", which was a hit along with a string of subsequent singles, many produced by Bunny Lee,Rupie Edwards, who used the rhythm to create the first one-rhythm album, Yamaha Skank. The group's debut album release, Absolutely The Uniques was released by Trojan Records in 1969, although they broke up in the same year. 

Bunny Lee issued a showcase album in the 1970s, and the group name was briefly revived by Riley and Cornell Campbell in 1977 for the album Give Thanks, and again in 1997 with Al Campbell joining Cornell and Riley on the album The Uniques.

Click Click Click Here: Slim Smith and the Uniques 

music genre:   Rocksteady

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