Friday, December 18, 2009

Derrik Morgand and Hortense Ellis " Still in Love"

I gotta say this is one of my favorite albums a duet by Hortense Ellis and Derrik Morgan a dope combination... The album was released in 1977 both singers passed away already. But Left a really good legacy I'll be putting a short Biography about them soon but for now just check the Duet Album... Enjoy!!

Track List:

 Hortense Ellis - I'm Still In Love
 Derrick Morgan - Blazing Fire
 Hortense Ellis - The First Cut
 Derrick Morgan - Sunday Monday Blues
 Hortense Ellis - Ain't That Loving You
 Hortense Ellis & Derrick Morgan - Meekly Wait
 Hortense Ellis - Love Every One
 Derrick Morgan - Be Still 
 Hortense Ellis - Where The Boys Are
 Hortense Ellis & Derrick Morgan - Love Not To Brag

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Music Genre: Rocksteady, Reggae

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