Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Don Drummond aka Don Cosmic aka Don D

Hi there everyone just sharing another artist info to you all. Don Drummond born in March 12, 1932a founding member of the Skatalites, he was the genre's most prolific composer, with well over 300 songs to his name before his brief career ended in tragedy. Even prior to the birth of ska, Drummond was already regarded as something of a Jamaican legend for his jazz prowess. Beginning his studio career in 1956, he primarily cut specials, recordings originally designed strictly for sound system play; in 1959, however, these specials began receiving proper commercial release in both Jamaica and England. As a result, Drummond's star ascended even higher, and under the direction of producer Coxsone Dodd, he composed and arranged hundreds of classic ska recordings for both Studio one and Treasure Island. 

In 1964 Studio One musical director Jackie Mittoo set about assembling the Skatalites bring on board is Don Drummond he quickly emerged among the group's creative and spiritual leaders. On January 1, 1965 Don Drummond was arrested for the murder of his long time girlfriend Anite Marguerita Mahfood in his house, she was a victim of multiple stab wounds. 
Don Drummond was found legally insane and was confined in Belle Vue Asylum in Kingston he later died there in May 6, 1969 reports say that he committed suicide, But there are rumors swirling about his death in his memorial Hugh Malcolm ( Drummer of Supersonic) shouting out that Don Drummond was a victim of the government authorities who is said that they targeted Kingston area Performers, Another rumor is that his girlfriend Anita Mahfood's Family hired gangsters or mobster to murder him as a revenge for her death. Whether if he was murdered or committed suicide in any case his lost was an end of an era, But his legacy still lives on.....

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music genre: Ska, Rocksteady, Reggae

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