Wednesday, December 9, 2009

"Green Owl" the environmental friendly Record Label

I discovered this record label from a friend checked it out and bought a compilation from their site. Its good to know that in the music industry there are some that still cares about the environment and are doing something about it! Green Owl is a independent label based in New York I'm not sure how long they been around but I guess not too long probably just a couple of years but they really impressed me and their artists quite new but good I'll be looking out for them for sure and especially the Dub Defenders . Oh plus I like their site they have alot of things going on there news, free music downloads from their up coming artists and cool carbon foot print calculator give it a go check it out.

I know most of you just want the free music there but just check all they have on the site it be fun...

Check the website:

Thier myspace account:

Oh don't forget to check their compilation

music genre: Indie, Rock, Dub, Dubstep, Afro Beat, African

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