Thursday, December 17, 2009

Judge Dread! The Legendary King of Rudeness! 1st Caucasian to have a reggae hit!

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Now I wanna share Judge Dread the king of Rudeness!! His Real name Alexander Minto Hughes born in May 2, 1945. Hughes was a bouncer in night clubs, a bodyguard and a Pro Masked Wrestler before he became a Ska and Reggae singer. He was exposed to reggae and Ska while he was a bouncer in London and met Derrik Morgan and Prince Buster, and became a DJ at a local radio station and ran his own sound system.

When Prince Buster made a big underground hit in 1969, Hughes capitalized on it with the recording of his own "Big Six", based on Verne & Son's "Little Boy Blue", which was picked up by Trojan boss Lee Gopthal, and released on Trojan's 'Big Shot' record label under the stage name Judge Dread, the name taken from another of Prince Buster's songs. His song "Big Six" hit no. 11 in the UK charts in 1972  and sold more than 300,000 copies and was on the charts for half a year but it didn't get much radio airply due to the explicit lyrics.

Hughes was the first Caucasian (white) recording artist to have a hit in Jamaica and went to perform live there, Many was surprised that he was white. Hughes was a man full of wonders he has a Guiness Book world record crediting him for having the highest number of banned songs of all time in BBC radio airplay.

No matter how elicit his lyrics are the man has a good heart , The famine in Ethiopia prompted Dread to help organize a benefit concert featuring The Wailers and Desmond Dekker, and he also released a benefit single "Molly". Despite this single not featuring Dread's trademark innuendo, it was still banned from radio airplay, and failed to chart. The radio stations' wariness over Dread records led him to release singles under the pseudonyms JD Alex and Jason Sinclair, but the BBC still banned them.

His Tragic death was his last performance in The Penny Theatre in Canterbury city, England, he was walking down from the stage after his performance when he had a heart attack he died on the March 13 1998. He will still live on as the first White Rude Boy Legend!

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