Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Legend of the Keyboard King " Jackie Mittoo"

Hey there just wanna share a light to a legend and most Reggae fans might not recognize him, Jackie Mittoo was among the true legends of reggae, a founding member of the Skatalites that just lasted 14 months from June 1964 to August 1965 then went on a solo career. His an extraordinarily prolific songwriter, he was perhaps most influential as a mentor to countless younger performers, primarily through his work as the musical director at the famed Studio One. Born Donat Roy Mittoo in Browns Town, Jamaica on March 3, 1948, he began playing keyboards at the age of  four, and was rarely far from a piano through his teen years, performing professionally in groups including the Vagabonds and the Vikings. Some may consider him as the Inventor of Reggae but that might be a rumor but for me his a legend and thats why they call him the "Keyboard King", Mittoo worked with alot of famous musicians to name some are Augustus Pablo ( which they had a band called The Jackie Mitree), Alton Ellis, Peter Tosh, Jimmy Cliff, Dennis Brown and Barry White. Tragically he died of Cancer in December 16, 1990  his contribution to the world of music is incalculable.

Anyway here's something for you people that wanna hear his music. Click Here to get it! or Click here

music genre: Rocksteady, Reggae